Jaipur Pride Home Stay

Homestay In India

Homestay In India

About Pride

Pride Hospitality is about respecting people. Respecting people that live in a specific geographical location and the people visiting them. Respecting the pride people take in their homes, their communities, their cities and their countries.Building a network of these proud members of the community to ensure that visitors to that community or city are treated with warmth and respect while creating an environment that brings out the best in the people of the region.

There could not be a better place in the world to launch the first consolidated “Organic Hospitality” project and definitely no better time.A safety net built by the people of the city that are proud to host and service visitors from across the world. We’re building a safety net that not only provides a level of safety and security to a visitor – but one that allows the visitor to contribute directly to the heart of the city – it’s people.

Pride Hospitality was founded to take the concept of “Organic Hospitality” to reality. To create a network of people that want to take the responsibility of representing the city they live in as well as ensuring that the best practices in hospitality are made available to all visitors to that city. There is no confining hotel complex – the entire city is the hotel and grows organically through its people.

The network consists of :

* Homeowners – that provide wholesome living, quality home cooked food and housekeeping services to visitors.

* Shops – establishments that sell anything from toothpaste to designer wear. It could be a  little corner store or a large shopping mall.

* Service providers – this could be a small local laundry or even a single person providing ironing services or could be a large travel agency or bank.

* Artisans – these are local crafts persons and masters who contribute to the art and culture through the city’s resident handicrafts

The initiative is structured to get the visitor closer to the city and the city closer together with pride.
The world is full of proud, upright people. We’re just bringing them together, city by city…



5 thoughts on “Jaipur Pride Home Stay

  1. Room provided are very comfortable. Rooms are clean, with a lot of facilities provided. Queen size beds, big bathroom attached, large screen TV, air-conditioned, it’s all what we can find in big-name hotels for twice less to pay

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